Friday, 2 March 2012

Fit Lit Boy Friday - Sam Roth

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Shiver (by Maggie Stiefvater) was the first paranormal romance I ever read. Mainly because I have a massive hatred for the angsty vampire "I find you so attractive I'm going to be cold, cruel and patronising to you so that you love me more," type. I'm not going to say it's converted me, because it hasn't. But it has proved that not all paranormal love interests are jerks.

Sam Roth: book lover, amazing guitar player, and werewolf = hot. See above fan art of him. I think his appeal is that he's not a controlling misogynist, but sweet, sensitive, and he loves Grace so deeply that it even makes a cynical, [liberal] feminist like me smile.

So thank you Sam, for making me a hypocrite. I won't hate you for it. And if it actually happens, I will be first in line for the movie.


  1. Sam is one of my *favorite* YA love interests, for all the reasons you say, not the least of which being his gentleness--and the depth of his devotion to Grace. And that picture--perfect!

    1. I love that picture too - I had to wade through a LOT of anime Sam's before I found this one!

      What I like about Sam's devotion to Grace is that it doesn't turn into crazy-stalking-disabling-her-car's-brakes, sort of thing.

    2. who is the actual guy from the photo? I love the series, but I keep seeing this pic and wondered who the actual person is?

  2. I had a great image of what I though Sam looked like, then I came onto Google Images- WHOOPS!!!
    Now I have all of these ideas stuck in my head, and they make the whole story seem different.

  3. I lot this image of Sam, I want to know the name of the kid in the picture