Thursday, 31 May 2012

I hate technology. And the nineties.

I'm really stressing out, because my computer has died. I can still write (thank goodness), and it's increased my words-per-day amount by so much (my last book's first draft was 62,000 words, took me about 5-6 months to write, and this one I started about ten days ago and I'm on 20,000 words!), but I can't check my emails. I've got two fulls out with awesome agents, and for all I know they could have given me an offer or a rejection by now :(
Basically, we got hit by lightning. Just our house, and my grandparents next door. Tomorrow is the last day I have internet for about ten days, but I can't access my emails because they are on the home computer! It doesn't help that I am a nineties kid, brought up with casette tapes, VCRs, those massive camcorders that you needed swimmer's shoulders to carry, and computers and TVs that were as deep as they were wide or high. Plus we didn't get a computer till 2004, and internet 2006.

So to cheer myself up, here are some photos to prove that the nineties were not cool in any way:

<<<<< The boyband 'curtains' haircut, which all the older boys had.

 <<<<< Closely followed by the 'Gareth Gates', where the boys would use great globules of sticky gel to gel their hair into stiff little spikes. This really was my era, and I am so glad that boys now have the freshly-washed side fringe thing going on. Here's GG himself.

And don't forget, for the girls, the 'Rachel':

And  'scrunchie chic':

So that's the hairstyles, and I admit I worked that scrunchie chic the best I could ;). Who else not-so-fondly remembers the nineties, with its baggy-shellsuited boy bands, oversized shoulders and jewellery, neon clothing and dodgy haircuts? And did you have a bad haircut back then?


  1. Amy- my house got hit by lightening too, and I lost everything. All the electronics in my house, including my computer. So I feel for you. Hope all gets fixed quick!

  2. Sorry, I loved the 90s! I'm a 90s kid through and through. The music (not the boy bands, ick), the tv, the movies, the books. I even miss the lack of technology. I did have a bad experience with the Rachel once. Let's just say it doesn't fit my hair type. And the clothes (neon, lycra, floral dresses with big collars) were atrocious. Otherwise, the 90s were rad!

  3. I was a scrunchie-chic chic :) Hope you get connected soon and best of luck with your two fulls!

  4. Aw, that really sucks :( Good luck on the fulls that are out! & as a little pick you up I have given you a blogging award! Check out the details here.

  5. Thank you everyone, and all my fingers and toes are crossed about the fulls...

    @Katharina, thank you muchly - I'm honoured and flattered! xx