Saturday, 18 February 2012

The YA section of rural libraries suck, a.k.a. why I review 'old' books too

First of all - hi. As you all obviously can't hear me, that was a nervous, squeaky, 'why am I doing this?' type of hi. Except for an ill-fated 'four ponies and me' blog I attempted when I was about fourteen, I've never blogged before, so forgive me if this turns out to be an epic fail of a post.
But don't give up hope, because I have other posts coming, and they'll be better.

I'm a writer of YA contemporary fiction, with one book currently out with betas, and a couple of others in the planning stage. Like every writer I know, I've got a couple in the dark and dusty recesses of my computer hard drive that I would not like the world to know about. A 13,000 word tween (9-12 age range) book about a horsy rich girl with everything who just wanted to be liked (and was a serious Mary-Sue ), and a romance with the themes of horse riding and child abuse (I still like that one, but the Love Interest had Edward Cullen Syndrome - I had more than a few references to his Emerald Eyes and Chocolate Brown Hair - even if I loved everything else about him).
I'm past that dark and terrible place now, I hope, and the Mary Sue (too-perfect) characters are dumped by the wayside. In fact, one of the books I'm planning is about when the facade of 'perfect' becomes too much. More on that later.

On this blog I'm going to review some books - mainly contemporary YA, but there will be a dash of historical, and some different-genre faves - and post about writing in general.
I'm also happy to explain any peculiarities of the English (of which there are many) and how we're not all ridiculously posh or cockney, like token brits are often presented in US fiction.

[Can I just say, I love US fiction - as a member of the AWESOME Absolute Write Water Cooler (check it out guys, it's awesome, so awesome I said that twice), I get so many US YA recommendations that that's practically all I read.]

But back to the title...

So I like old books. Don't get me wrong, I adore newer releases too, but when you have to wait months and months for an amazing YA book to come out in England (yeah, I'm from the UK - hence the 'Limey'), and your local libraries have a shelf - ONE shelf - for YA books, you tend to read the old stuff. About a quarter of the YA books in the typical English library are originally English, and about 6 of those are contemporary (not paranormal romance or fantasy). Get rid of the tween/Middle Grade books, and you're left with about 3. Chances are, only two of those are from the 21st Century, and only one of those is from the current year. And it's probably not your sort of book.

Hence, why I like old books.

If you're not dead with boredom after this massive post, it's nearly finished!
I plan to post about once or twice a week, with a few regular posts (look out for Fit Lit Boy Friday, Cover Lust Tuesday, Memory Monday (some old faves) and Writing Wednesday). Plus, some scribbly doodles when only art will explain my point.

If you've finished this, I love you. And if you comment or choose to follow my blog, I will love you forever.

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