Thursday, 11 October 2012

Umbrellas and Fallen Leaves - Fall Cover Love

I am not a summer person. Don't get me wrong, I like holidays and sun and all that, but there's something about autumn/fall (I'm just going to call it autumn, 'kay?) that I love. Watching the sun set through ghostly mist, or kicking up clouds of russet and gold leaves, or walking on the clifftops with the waves crashing below - it makes me feel truly alive.

And when you discount all the girls-in-pretty-dresses/pouty-face-close-ups books, most books left have generic summer covers. So here's my list of gorgeous, October-appropriate, autumn covers...


I love the nice touch of the red hair on the green leaves - and look, she even has green eyeshadow!
I don't know why it's autumnal, what with the girl dressed so innapropriately for the cold, but the beautiful colours make it look haunting and gorgeous.
Ah, that's better. An umbrella, hat, coat, AND a hot boy to keep her warm too. For anyone who wants to know what English weather is nearly always like, the grey sky on this cover captures it perfectly...
Not quite sure how it goes with the book, but I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that this cover's haunting. And autumnal!
Simple but beautiful. I love the way the dress looks like a wave/the sea under that stormy sky. Plus, it's set in Ireland and Ireland has some stunning countryside. And yay for red hair!

This could be a winter cover, but that red dress and the red hair (the symbol of autumn, apparently) makes this look more of an October book to me. And one of the few 'girls in pretty dresses' book covers I actually like (don't hate me, people).
A UK YA book (yay!), this one has a cover that just screams autumn. The trees, the models' outfits (although I'm not liking the boy in a fleece - fleeces are not sexy), and of course the red leaf outlines. I have this book at home and they're proper shiny red, which looks vair pretty.
So there you have it, folks. My list of gorgeous, autumnal/fall covers - to go with my new-look blog (do you like it?). Which is your favourite cover? Has anyone read one of these books?
And finally, any more gorgeously October-y covers you can recommend me?
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  1. I had never seen the Falling Fast cover, but it looks awesome, and I've always loved that Juliet Immortal cover.

  2. I've never seen the Falling Fast cover but I LOVE it. Adorable!!