Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Waiting On Wednesday: Charm and Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

CHARM AND STRANGE by Stephanie Kuehn
I found out about this one from the YA Highway post about its cover reveal, and although I've got to wait for June 2013 for it to be released - actually, probably longer because it takes AGES for US books to become available in the UK - I'm quite excited about it! By the sound of the Goodreads description (below) it involves werewolves, which is something I need to read more of. I'm not usually a reader of paranormal YA, but I LOVELOVELOVED Maggie Stiefvater's WOLVES OF MERCY FALLS series - plus me and Maggie share the same birthday so *respect* to her ;). And I've also just got the box set of MTV's Teen Wolf, which is a bit cheesy but SO addictive - plus, Tyler Posey....
Anyway *clears throat in embarrassment* here's the Goodreads summary for CHARM AND STRANGE:
Sixteen-year-old Winston Winters is awaiting the inevitable.

Stuck at a remote Vermont boarding school in the wake of unimaginable tragedy, Win knows it’s only a matter of time until he transforms into something dark, something wolfish, just like his father. Until he hurts people too. So in order to do the least amount of harm to those around him, he masters the art of shutting others out.

But meeting fellow cross-country runner Jordan Herrera thwarts Win's plans for emotional isolation. A scholarship student with secrets of her own, Jordan’s boldness and wit draw him in. And when she asks Win to accompany her to an all-night party in the deep New England woods, he’s torn. Because he’s not sure they should get any closer. He’s not sure Jordan will be safe with him. But she insists. And he goes.

Win wants to believe he’s not dangerous. That he would never hurt someone he cares for. But as he leads Jordan into the wilderness with his father’s blood running through his veins and wild wolves running through his fragile mind, Win knows this is simply not true….
What do you all think of CHARM AND STRANGE? Anyone else adding this to their TBR pile?
And on a side-note, can anyone recommend me another good werewolf book, with a nice, non-emotionally-abusive-stalker love interest?


  1. Hmmm I'm kind of disappointed with the cover but I am excited for the book. I think the werewolves will be different/exciting.

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