Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cover Lust Tuesday: Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

I've been looking up pretty covers for my A-Level Art coursework, and when I found this one I knew I had to do a Cover Lust Tuesday for it. Isn't it gorgeous? And I'm also glad it's not a 'pouty girl/dead girl with a pretty dress' cover, because there are too many of them around (not that it's the author's fault, and some are really pretty, but still). If you're interested in that whole debate, check out YAtopia's great post on the subject.
So do you like Glimpse's cover? And, as a little aside, can anyone think of any ah-mazing books with covers that don't do them justice?


  1. Uh-HUH! That is sharp!

  2. Oh, I do really like this cover. So simple yet there is a lot going on. She's wearing heels. HAHA. See so much going on.

    Jen from Falling for Fiction.

  3. This is Carol Lynch Williams.
    Just two FYIs.
    (First, I know! I lucked out on the cover, huh? It's gorgy.)
    #1--The girl who shot this photo was just 13, I think. That's a pic of herself.
    #2. The paperback cover is different, but amazing, too!

    1. Hi :)Welcome to my blog!

      Can I just say I love your book? And if I get a cover like that (if I'm ever published) I'll be very happy x

  4. Ooh, I love that! I am doing some senior pictures soon, I might try to recreate it. :) I really like your profile picture, too, by the way. :)